Black NATO Watch Strap


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Stainless Steel
Rose Gold
Jet Black
    • Black NATO style nylon 
    • Stainless Steel buckle  
    • Custom engraved logo
    • Quick-release pins for on-the-fly style changes 


    Customer Reviews

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    Ron G. (Burlington, CA)
    Wallet The Bolt

    This thing is holds 5 raise cards in the pop out and inside 3 more which is my drivrrs license card and i other credit card .. its the only wallet i usr

    Randall B. (Christiana, US)
    Great wallet

    The best wallet I’ve ever had it’s so small I even forgot it at home once. Love how it fits in my front pocket

    Justin M. (Fort Drum, US)

    Awesome wallet

    Peter M. (Wolfville, CA)
    Quality product

    Very happy with the product. Its sometimes difficult to determine whether a product will meet your expectations when purchasing it online. This wallet I am happy to say this exceeded my expectations. Excellent quality and very functional.

    I have only one criticism. Using Canada Post is always an exercise in frustration. Their online update is useless and their delivery standards shift every time they miss a target date. This product was actually lost for over a week, stuck in one of their sorting stations. Other online vendors use other services which are superior. I always hesitate when I see Canada Post.

    However I would recommend this product to friends and family.

    Jerry W. (Portland, US)
    All those other brands need to take note.

    It looks like a normal, nice leather wallet but you open it and then you see the difference.
    The card slot holds 7, not 6 cards. The inside does hold 2 more cards in each slot but I use it for business cards and card like items. I don't carry cash but the cash area is handy for receipts and other important papers. The magnetic closure is secure and convenient, so when I reach into my front pocket I do not have any concern of it accidently opening.
    Also the amount of Ooos and Ahhhs I've gotten when I eject the cards has surprised even me. All in all one of the best wallet purchases I've ever done!