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The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Thatguy (Copperas Cove, US)
It's a great wallet

The wallet is great. It fits what I need in there. The magnet to keep it closed is strong. If this one brakes or gets lost I will buy another one.

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
bruce n. (Ajax, CA)
the bolt

great wallet made cards easy to access

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Luis A. (Indianapolis, US)

I recently switched from Ekster to Fosh. I do not regret the switch and wish i would have done it sooner. I love this new wallet and have no complaints so far.

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
R.T. (Brockville, CA)
Automatic Wallet

Nice wallet but doesn't seem to work well with our Canadian currency. Our "plastic" money doesn't fold as easily as the $USD. Guess it'll be sitting in my dresser when I'm not carrying cash...which is never. I should've researched it more carefully.

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Adrian L. (Vancouver, CA)
Quality product as advertised

The leather is of good tactile feel when held. The lever that require a finger to push down to pop the cards out was very easy to use. I was able to do so with my pinky finger with very little force and effort. I am very pleased with my purchase of "The Bolt"., and would recommend it to all my friends.

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Jeffrey G. (Altamonte Springs, US)
Looks great!

Feels and looks great! I was able to fit 7 of my cards in the main holder! Works exactly as advertised! 100% recommend!

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Andrew L. (West Memphis, US)
Awesome wallet

Works great and has just enough space for everything I need.

Roreen O. (Vancouver, CA)
Fosh Wallet

Minimalist design, well made. Only down side , if you can say that it is indeed a downside is, if you only have a few cards ( less than 4) the cards , they don’t seem as secure. Otherwise a great purchase Minimalist design, well made. Only down side I can see is if it’s only a few cards ( less than 4) the cards don’t seem as secure/snug. Otherwise a great purchase

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
J-L L. (Winnipeg, CA)
The Bolt Review

Love the card holder, it works really well. Not crazy about the cash being folded in 4, but that is more of a me problem than a you problem. Overall very happy with my purchase.

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younes s. (Ottawa, CA)
Lot of space

I can stack more than 5 bills of 20 and approximately 15 cards

Exactly as advertised!

Solid wallet for all your essentials! Great first impression! Will be on the recommendation list. See side-by-side comparison below of my old traditional wallet vs. Fosh Wallet.

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Marcus E. (Dallas, US)
Great Wallet

I love this wallet. It took some getting used to as far as the card lever goes. I'm used to opening my wallets. Pulling the lever and your credit cards coming out is genius. I have about 5 credit cards, 2 ID cards, insurance cards and I like to carry cash. The Fosh Wallet handles it like a dream. Try it. You will not be disappointed.

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Justin B. (North Cobalt, CA)
Great wallet

I have been using this wallet for about a month now and so far it had held up great, card slider seems to work good with 6 cards in there and there is room for more behind. So far so good all I can say

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Ed S. (Toronto, CA)
Super slick

Just got my wallet and I also got an extra card holder super slick 10 times smaller than my old standard wallet. Holds every cart I need and they’re super assessable. In the pictures my wallet my card holder and my old standby wallet

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Jeremy C. (Charlotte, US)
Love It!

Holds all of my cards and fits nicely in my front pocket! Even has a place for cash.

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Velayutham n. (Naperville, US)
Sleek and simple

Simple and elegant wallet

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Kim O. (Silver Spring, US)
Best wallet ever

Purchased for my husband after realizing his wallet was falling apart. He loves how small and thin it is, as well as showing off how the cards pop out on command.

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Chris S. (Raleigh, US)
Really have no negatives after month of use

I don't like to give 5 star reviews for products, beer food, places. I like to be realistic and find at least one fault. One month in with The Bolt, I can't find fault with anything. Perfect size for me. Sturdy and durable. Stylish. I like the Bolt and recommend it freely.

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Don H. (Saint Paul, US)
Feels Great to "Downsize"!

This wallet is Great!! Some reviewers sounded concerned about carrying in their back pocket, but it is so compact I sure can't feel it nearly as much as mt old, fat traditional wallet! It's also very comfortable carrying it in the from pocket as well!! Holds everything I need!!

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Ronald H. (Parkville, US)
Bolt wallet

I absolutely love my new wallet. What a great concept for a wallet. It is compact and very convenient and quick access to the cards you use the most. Unfortunately the trigger on my wallet has broken and I can't get to my cards as easy. I will have to look into the replacement policy or if there is one.

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Faith L. (Fairfax, US)
Love this wallet, no issues so far

My only "complaint" is that if you don't fully load the section that pops out, the cards can fall out easily. Fully loaded, that's not a problem, though! Figuring out how to store the cash also took me a bit, but I think I figured it out! Love this wallet, and we'll see if it lasts as long as I hope!

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Juan D. (New York, US)
Great Wallet

This is one of the best wallets I have ever had. It's sleek and so cool. Truly happy. I'm going by another one because my first didn't have the license holder. But very very good product

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Dave Q. (Trail, CA)
Best wallet

Great compact wallet! I might get the light brown one.

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Randy B. (Winkler, CA)

Great wallet to hold your cards and small amounts of money. Fits perfectly in your front pocket. No more George Castanza wallet. Thanks for the great little wallet

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet
Jody K. (Washington, US)
One month review

I upgraded to the Bolt wallet about a month ago, and I could not be happier with the decision. It has met every expectation and promise that was implied on thier website. Slim, organized and a very high quality look and feel to it. To top it off, the pop up card feature is even better then I expected it to be. I highly recommend this wallet if you are looking to get a new wallet, and if you are not looking.... you should upgrade to the Bolt anyways, it is that good.