The Bolt - AirTag Wallet

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Terrain Black
Tobacco Tan
Classic Chocolate
Carbon Fiber
  • Minimalist Trackable AirTag smart wallet, found anywhere using Find My App
  • Instant access trigger, it's built by professionals for professionals
  • Compact front-pocket build, perfect for slim storage
  • Save space while maintaining quick access to your cards with newly enhanced trigger action mechanism
  • Built-in magnet closure keeps additional cards and cash locked in securely

*Limited Edition Carbon Fiber utilizes snap closure instead of magnetic closure. Thickness will differ from standard style, however all other features remain nearly identical.

**Apple AirTag not included


  • AirTag slot for trackability
  • Quick access automatic card ejection
  • Aviation-grade 6061 aluminum wrapped in timeless leather
  • Magnetic closure keeps contents safe and secure  
  • Holds up to 10 cards + 5 bills
  • RFID Blocking (wireless theft)

    *Please note: AirTag not included



3.9 x 2.5 x 0.75 in  (without airtag)


1-10 cards*

Cash & Coins

1-5 bills. Leave the coins in the bank ;)  


6061 aviation-grade aluminum


Chassis protects from wireless theft   


1 year manufactures warranty

*Note: The aluminium center cartridge holds a maximum of 6 non-embossed standard weight cards. Using embossed cards (raised lettering) typically will hold 4-5 depending on thickness of cards. The inside pouches can hold up to 2 cards each.


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Lost & Found: Minimalist AirTag Wallet

Trackable Smart Wallet Design

Designed to hold your AirTag tracker, you can find or ring your wallet anytime, anywhere at the click of a button, and recieve separation alerts from Apple's Find My App if you leave it behind.



Works with Apple Find My

Apple AirTag Trackable


Like a Switchblade

Quick Access

Pulling the trigger instantly fans out your cards for quick access, making frantically rummaging through your wallet at the checkout old news.  


Front Pocket Design

Ultra Slim Profile



Keep Your Valuables Fastened In  

Safe and Secure Magnetic Closure

The integrated magnetic closure keeps your contents safely and neatly secured, unlike other wallets.

"...I've always worried about losing my wallet, but the AirTag trackable wallet is the SOLUTION. It tracks long distance, and the minimalist design keeps it super thin in pocket. Absolutely reccomend."

- Andy T.


How many cards does the wallet really hold?

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet can easily hold up to 10 cards.

Depending on the thickness of your cards, the inside part of the wallet (the cardholder ) holds a maximum of 6 non-embossed cards or 4-5 embossed cards (raised lettering). The inside pouches hold an additional 2 cards each (4 in total). That's a total of 10 CARDS, but who's counting ;)

What if I use more than 10 cards? 

But do you really? Over the last week how many cards did you actually use... We believe less is more, carrying only what's essential.    

Where do I put my coins?

You leave them in your piggybank where they belong ;)

How many bills can The Bolt hold? 

The Bolt's cash slot on the inside fold is designed to hold up to 10 bills.    

How do the cards eject?

Pull the trigger at the bottom the wallet and automatically fan your cards out like a switchblade. Easy as that.        

What is the warranty?

We stand behind our products, The Bolt - Automatic Wallet offers a hassle free 12-month manufactures warranty. If at anytime within the first 12 months of ownership you have any issues with your product, reach out to and we'll assess for replacement immediately.

Can I get a refund/exchange if I don't like it?

Yes, absolutely. If you don't love your FOSH wallet, we'll offer you a full refund, no hard feelings!

How long does shipping take

Canada Shipping

Standard Parcel

2-5 Business Days

U.S. Shipping

Standard Parcel

4-7 Business Days

How thin is the wallet really? 

The Bolt is a super slim 0.75 inches (without AirTag installed). For reference the iPhone 12 is 0.29 inches.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 547 reviews
Sneha S. (Markham, CA)
Better than Ekster

I love my wallet! I've been searching for the perfect wallet for a few years now (it is important to me lol). I don't usually carry cash (notes) and so have used that compartment for 2 additional cards.
Just so this review isn't too biased, a con I can think about is the magnetic side which is hard to close if you place a thick card, I've resolved this for myself by just placing paper cards in that portion.
I love the feel of this wallet in my hand and how compact it is but more importantly I really liked the customer service with FOSH as well. Perfectly seamless order and delivery (I had a bad experience with Ekster when I wanted to order a wallet with them and so appreciate FOSH's service)

Colette F. (Liberia, CR)
Amazing Product! Incredible Service!

I ordered a Fosh wallet for Christmas but admittedly didn't give myself a lot of time. When I emailed to check on the status of delivery, not only did I get a response from an actual person, I was given an update with an option to change colour for immediate delivery. I don't shop online much and I have to say the customer service was amazing! I decided to wait for the one I ordered and my husband loves it. I didn't think he'd ever give up his big wallet. So glad I bought it!

Oleksandra T. (Oshawa, CA)

quality and beautiful product, the only thing is that it turned out to be more than I thought

Jennifer M.K. (Guelph, CA)
Cool gift

My brother really liked this wallet. It’s easy to use and compact.

Markie R. (Cayuga, CA)

The Bolt - Automatic Wallet